EMDR Basic Consultation

Consultation for Completion of Basic EMDR Training

The EMDR International Association, which governs the standards for approved EMDR training requires trainees to compile 10 hours of consultation. Most therapists do 5 hours following Part 1 and 5 hours following Part 2, but there is some wiggle room regarding the timing.

I offer basic training consultation for therapists trained through the EMDR Institute and Trauma Recovery/HAP.

    • 10 hour group package is offered for $350.
    • 5 hour group package is offered for $175.
    • Individual consultation is offered at $130/hr.
    • Dyad consultation is offered at $70/hr.

New group are formed regularly. Click here for details and to register.

Please contact me for more information Bill@CounselingFL.com or (407) 242-1025.