Annulment Evaluations


Post Annulment Evaluations

Bill is not currently conducting post-annulment evaluations. Heidi Peckham, LMHC has extensive experience in this area and may be able to assist you.

William Brislin, LMHC, NCC, a counselor in Orlando, FL, assists couples in the annulment process who wish to marry in the Roman Catholic Church. Normally, you will have been referred to me by the Diocese of Orlando or another diocese or archdiocese. These referrals are often made after an annulment is granted and before the couple is free to marry in the church.

The process is envisioned as serving the couple by advising the Marriage Tribunal so it may determine if the couple is presently likely to embark on a successful sacramental marriage or if further support may be helpful.

If you have been referred by the Diocese of Orlando or another diocese for a post annulment evaluation, the process entails a few simple steps:

  • COMPLETE WORKSHEET – Both you and your (intended) spouse can download the Post Annulment Evaluation Worksheet, complete it and return via mail or email to me. You must also complete and return a Consent to Release Information – ANNULMENT.
  • SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT – Once the completed worksheets are received from both of you, we will schedule a 90 minute appointment.
  • APPOINTMENT – During the appointment, we will discuss the worksheets each of you completed and other aspects of your relationship and family histories.
  • ASSESSMENT – Following the meeting, I will prepare a report which seeks to express the strengths and challenges of your present relationship to assist the Marriage Tribunal in its duties.
  • FEE – There is a one time fee of $200 which is payable at the time of the appointment.