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EMDR Consultation for EMDR Therapists

Bill Brislin, LMHC, NCC
EMDRIA Certified Therapist
EMDRIA Approved Consultant

Bill Brislin, LMHC

EMDR consultation is a collaborative process of integration and growth. The consultant advises the consultee regarding the effective utilization of EMDR therapy. It differs from supervision in that the consultee maintains primary responsibility for the decisions involving treatment of their clients.

My style is both supportive and challenging. My goal is to help consultees feel comfortable to explore their own questions, competencies, and difficulties. Ultimately, I desire to impart excitement for EMDR and help hone necessary skills to use this treasure effectively.

About me . . .
Trained in EMDR in 2009, this therapeutic methodology transformed me professionally and personally. Immediately, it was evident that clients were making rapid progress. As an EMDR therapist, core issues emerge early in therapy and are effectively treated. Clients who were “stuck” have experienced “breakthroughs.” Folks who have experienced trauma, recent or long ago, find soothing relief. Once I became an EMDR therapist, I have never looked back; experiencing a hunger to develop my skills and knowledge. This has led me to attend numerous conferences and advanced trainings, particularly increasing my skills in the areas of complex trauma and dissociation.

Having provided supervision to counseling interns since 1997, I enjoy participating in the learning progression with new and experienced therapists. My enthusiasm and positive experience with EMDR therapy have to become an EMDRIA approved consultant.

Consultation opportunities . . .

I provide consultation face-to-face, via phone,  Zoom, – individually or in groups.
§  Individual Consultation – $130 per hour
§  Consultation Dyads (2 people) – $70 per hour
§  Group Consultation (3 or more) – Available through packages of 5 or 10-hours. For upcoming groups and to register, visit Connect EMDR.

Upcoming Consultation Groups – Click links for information.
Basic Training Consultation – For those completing Part I or II of EMDR Basic Training.
§ Advanced Consultation Group – For EMDRIA Certification or enhancement of general EMDR skills and knowledge.
Complex Trauma Consultation Group – A book study group to develop greater knowledge and skill at working with complex trauma and dissociation as an EMDR therapist.

Consultation is provided to fulfill the requirements of basic training, for those seeking to become EMDR Certified Therapists, or for EMDR Therapists who wish to deepen their skills. Go to EMDRIA to review the requirements to become a Certified Therapist in EMDR or to search a full list of EMDRIA Approved Consultants. Go to GOEMDRIAN to be informed regarding local opportunities for EMDR Therapists in the greater Orlando area.

Contact me for more information or to schedule consultation:

Bill Brislin, LMHC, NCC
(407) 242-1025

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