Stop Smoking

Becoming a non-smoker!

Are you ready to stop smoking and become a non-smoker? Have you tried to quit smoking before, but been unsuccessful? Are you tired to being banished to uncomfortable places to “sneak a smoke”? Are you concerned about that irritating cough, dulled sense of taste and smell, as well as the many unseen effects smoking is having on your body? Perhaps it’s time to become a non-smoker with the assistance of hypnosis!

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and inner absorption. This trance state is a natural occurrence which happens randomly and often. For example: Have you ever been staring out a window and then wondered if twenty seconds or two minutes had passed? – You were in a light trance!

In Clinical Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy this trance state is induced intentionally so that information and experiences can be given to your unconscious mind which will help you become a non-smoker. Most people remember most or all of what occurs during their trance. You bring yourself into this state of focused attention, with the assistance of a trained psychotherapist, and can bring yourself out at any time.

How will hypnosis help me become a non-smoker?

There are two parts of your mind: the conscious and unconscious. Your conscious mind knows that the many poisons contained in tobacco smoke are damaging your body tissue and organs which can lead to serious illness and death. Your unconscious mind doesn’t fully understand that and allows you to continue engaging in a dangerous habit that you want to stop.

In hypnotherapy, the therapist has an opportunity to speak to your unconscious mind in a way it can understand. Therefore, the two parts of your mind cease their tension and you can comfortably make the changes you seek to make, i.e. you can become a non-smoker.

What can I expect?

Smoking cessation through hypnosis is usually carried out in one session. The therapist discusses your smoking history, past attempts to quit smoking; resistances; and future goals. This information is used to create an experience in trance which will help your unconscious mind get onboard with your desire to stop smoking.

The therapist then guides you into a state of relaxation, focused attention, and inner absorption. During this process the door to your unconscious opens and it can be given information and experiences to help you become what you want to be: a non-smoker. Most people feel refreshed, relaxed, and positively energized at the conclusion of the session.

How much does it cost?

Single-session smoking cessation is currently $150. Many people need no follow-up, but if desired you may receive a free phone consultation during the first two weeks. Like most habits, smoking can be complicated. Some people will need more extended treatment to accomplish their goal.

I’m ready!

When you’re ready to become a non-smoker, you can contact Bill Brislin, LMHC, (407) 242-1025, to schedule an appointment and begin living a happier, healthier life!

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